Our Team

We are pleased that we have a team of specialists who, as long-standing employees, make their experience available to our customers.

Board of directors

Eric Lütenegger Chairman/VRP - Senior Partner
Jürg Staub
Reto Toscan

Executive board

Bernhard Schneider CEO - Managing Partner
Raoul Dobal COO - Senior Partner

Client Advisory

Volker Varnholt Client Advisory and Marketing

Fund Operations

Sabine Koch Head Fund Operations
Ksenija Jermini Fund Operations
Chung Ly Fund Operations
Marianna Mosca-Suter Fund Operations
Nicole Mudadu Fund Operations
Nunziato Musarra Fund Operations
Stefan Schramm Fund Operations

Asset Management

Patrick Brühwiler Head PM Managed Clients
Vlad Balas Asset Manager
Noel Brunner Asset Manager
Marino Bucher Asset Manager
Gian Marco Cazin Investment Advisor – Biotech and Healthcare Investments
Alexander Christen Asset Manager
Daniel Curiger Asset Manager
Torsten de Santos Asset Manager
Felix Enderle Asset Manager
Andreas Gabler Investment Manager
André Hämmerli Asset Manager
Stephan Alexander Hüsler Asset Manager
Yves Hauser Asset Manager
John Manieri CIO – Biotech and Healthcare Investments
Alexander Rimle Asset Manager
Colin Rix Investment Manager
Stefan Ruile Asset Manager
Frank Schubert Asset Manager
Felicia Trindler Investment Manager
Ronnie Weber Asset Manager

Portfolio Management

Kevin Fähndrich Head Portfolio Management MACS
Steve Gfeller Head Portfolio Management
Angelika Martinelli Portfolio Manager
Jasemin Reichenbach Portfolio Manager
Marjan Ristov Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Management Alternative Investments

Thomas Stadelmann Head Real Estate and Special Products
Christian Hörnlein Portfolio Management Alternative Investments

Product Management

Nathanael Zgraggen Head Product Management and Development

Investment Platform

Serge Reinacher Head Investment Platform
Claudio Rotundo Head Investment Analytics & Reporting

Governance, Legal, Risk Management

Thomas Huber Head Governance and Compliance
Markus Lasek Head Risk and Investment Compliance
Jürg Locher Head Legal and Compliance, Rechtsanwalt, LL.M


Marc Escher Director Finance
Silvia Heiniger Head Finance and Admin

Administration and Finance


Daniel Kübler IT and Data Management